Community Action Council, Inc.

Supportive Services For Veterans Families

CLICK HERE to learn more about formerly homeless veterans that are now in permanent housing.
The Supportive Services for Veterans' Families (SSVF) program is designed to lift very low-income Veteran Families out of homelessness and into stable permanent housing.  Through this program Southwestern Community Action provides comprehensive assistance in the areas of case management, outreach, temporary financial assistance, and referrals to help in obtaining VA benefits.
Eligibility requirements are:
1) Head of Household or Spouse must be a Veteran.  Discharge status of dishonorable disqualifies anyone from program benefits.
2) Household income must meet eligibility guidelines.
3) Client must be residing in permanent housing, homeless and scheduled to become a resident of permanent housing, or has recently exited permanent housing.
Southwestern Community Action offers this program in the following counties:
Cabell, Jackson, Lincoln, Mason, Putnam, Wayne, Wirt and Wood.
If you reside in the Southwestern coverage area and would like to inquire about services, please contact us at 1-800-319-7131 or 304-525-5151.